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It is found that 80% of patients with pain nowadays visit their doctors due to several causes: the deterioration of joint over age; injuries that affect joint, bone, tendon or muscle; joint deterioration associated with some other factors, such as medication, chemicals or personal diseases found with joint overstrain; inflammation from infection because of diseases like rheumatism; inflammation from gout crystals or tartar. These symptoms, without appropriate diagnosis and treatment of their causes, may worsen and lead to long-term joint deterioration and finally disability.

To ensure treatment with optimum efficiency, preciseness and safety, BNH Shoulder and Joint Centre (Thailand’s first specialized centre for the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder- and joint-related diseases) is staffed with specialist doctors with experience in these disorders and equipped with the minimally invasive technology and medical techniques for such symptoms as adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, meniscus repair and arthroplasty


  • Injury caused by an accident or overstrain during sporting that leads to bone fractures, the inflammation or tear of tendon and muscle
  • Inflammation or infection from one’s own immune defense or from gout crystals or tartar
  • Deterioration of joint over age alone of with other accompanying factors, such as medication, chemicals, accident or personal diseases associated with hard work (joint deterioration or frozen shoulder)
  • Congenital disorders or development disorders
  • Bone and joint tumor, diseases on cartilage, synovium, tendon, muscle, or nerves surrounding the joint


  • Pain and possible inflammation (swelling, redness and burning pain)
  • Abnormal joint motion, unstable joint, loosening joint or dislocation
  • Bone abnormalities or outgrowths
  • Numbness or weakness in the end of limbs or in the area close to the joint or loss of joint functionality


  • The shoulder joint is critical as it controls the motion of the arms. If a problem in this joint occurs, pain and motion disorders may result. Patients will suffer from loss of arm function which can affect every aspect of their daily activities.
  • The causes of shoulder disorders include injuries sustained in an accident, injuries suffered whilst playing sport, inappropriate habits or physical deterioration over age.


The shoulder joint is critical as it controls the motion of both arms. However, if disorders occur, pain and motion disorders may result. Patients will suffer from loss of arm functionality, affecting work and daily life as well as sports. The causes of shoulder disorders can be injuries from an accident or sports, inappropriate routine ways of living or physical deterioration over age.


  • Frozen shoulder
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis/tear
  • Recurrent dislocation
  • Calcific Tendinitis
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome


Frozen shoulder is a disorder characterized by the stiffness of connective tissue surrounding shoulder joint. This condition results from prolonged inflammation and immobilization of shoulder, causing the bands of tissue with reduced flexibility and contraction to develop. This finally leads to frozen shoulder, which is frequently found in patients with diabetes, thyroid diseases and neck deterioration. The patients with frozen shoulder experience shoulder pain and limited shoulder movement, for example, being unable to stretch arms, raise arms above their heads, or crossing arms behind their back. The conditions affect their daily lives as they cannot comb their hair, wear their bras or reach an item at the high level.

Capsular dilatation facilitated shoulder manipulation

This treatment of frozen shoulder is an integration of the capsular dilatation, a technique which expands the stiff tissue, and the shoulder manipulation during anaesthesia to allow patients to move their shoulders again with ease.


This is a medical innovation for the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder and joint diseases in the case where surgery is warranted. The treatment is performed by experience surgeons and yields better results than the conventional surgery – with smaller surgical wounds, less damage to tissue, less post-surgery pain and quicker recovery.


  • Repair meniscus and knee tendon
  • Eliminate calcium, bone particles in joint
  • Remove the adhesions in joint or treat stiff tissue
  • Treat recurrent dislocation


  • Treat blends of tissue in shoulder
  • Treat torn shoulder joint or tendon
  • Grind the scapula to relieve shoulder impingement
  • Fix the broken bone to the joint


Osteoarthritis is the deterioration of bone in the joint, causing the loss of joint functionality. Patients will experience pain, stiffness, creaking to the joint or deformity of joint.

This disease is caused by aging, accident injury, prolonged inflammation, vessel disorders, or some medication such as steroids. The treatment depends on the stage of disease. In the early stage, medication, change of lifestyle and physical therapy will suspend the deterioration and relieve the symptoms. However, in later stages or in the case where such treatment yields no improvement, arthroplasty may be necessary.


The treatment of advanced Osteoarthritis which does not improve with other methods is Arthroplasty. A new joint to be replaced is made from metal that is non-reactive to human body. It is so durable that it can absorb the shock caused by movement and can shoulder the body weight for a long period of time.

BNH Shoulder and Joint Centre offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of patients with shoulder and joint problems by a team of professional and experienced doctors with advanced technology in order to ensure precise and effective diagnosis.

…We understand, care and offer you the treatment of quality…


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