When claiming from your insurance company there are many documents that need to be submitted. As an additional service to our patients, we will process your claim for you, providing you give us the necessary documents :

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your Insurance Document
  • Policy number
  • Insurance Claim Form (if you have one)

We usually proceed as follows

  1. A member of staff will make a copy of the documents mentioned above. At this point, if you have any other documentation that may be relevant, please let our staff make a copy of this. Please make sure your insurance pass is still valid!
  2. Your physician will write a detailed medical report with the treatment plan, which will be faxed with all other documents to your insurance.
  3. Now it is up to your insurance company to consider the coverage of the treatment expenses in accordance with your insurance policy.
  4. Even if the insurance company has verbally informed you that it will pay for your expenses, BNH Hospital needs an official guarantee of payment from the insurance. This document states if the insurance will cover and if so, how much and until when. If this is not received during your time of admission, you will be responsible to pay for your treatment.
  5. Upon discharge, you will be required to sign the bill and pay for any additional, personal expenses, according to your insurance policy.

Important note

Please note that most overseas insurance companies need at least 2 working days to evaluate and proceed. If the Hospital has not received the guarantee of payment from your insurance company, and you are ready to be discharged, you will be asked to pay the expenses and claim back the amount from you insurance directly. We will provide you with all the documents so that you can claim the amount back from your insurance directly.

Methods of Payment:
We accept payment by :

  • Cash in Thai Baht, US Dollars, Euro, GBP and Yen. The exchange rate of the local bank of the day of payment is used. In order to exchange banknotes, we need a signed copy of your passport. The Bank Policy requires that all banknotes need to be photocopied and signed by the payer.
  • All major Credit Cards
  • Traveler Cheques in US Dollars, Euro, GBP and Yen
  • Transfer into BNH Hospital Account
  • Worldwide travel and/or health insurance payment.