A Holiday Maker

Male Package : 30,000 THB

Female Package : 35,000 THB

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If you love travelling and exploration, but cannot withstand the exhaustion, muscle soreness and allergies that comes with it, address those issues now to ensure a limitless holiday adventure in the next 10 years

The unfamiliar environment can make you feel ill. Protect yourself before your trip by screening for airborne allergens.

Reduce the risk of heart-disease. A well-functioning and healthy heart is crucial for the efficient functioning of every single part of the body.

Your physique changes with time, and you start to lose your height and weight, affecting the overall balance of your whole body. Receive a movement test to keep you well-balanced, walking steadily and preventing falls.

Symptoms of some illnesses are much less apparent than others. These hidden illnesses should be checked regularly and managed well before they surface and interrupts your travel plans, such as kidney stones.


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