“The Incredible Power of Cell Therapy for pain-free movement”


On March 16th, 2019, BNH Hospital held a seminar in the topic of “The Incredible Power of Cell Therapy for pain-free movement” under the cooperation with Avenue Cell Clinic, the leading medical institution in Japan specialising in regenerative medicine with the use of cell treatment.

Nopparat Panthongwiriyakul, MD., Deputy Director of BNH hospital gave an opening speech.  The objective of the seminar is to extend the healthcare and medical treatment to a new level for longevity and better quality of life by offering the advanced healthcare solution from the institution where the quality and standard of safety is certified by the Ministry of Public Health, Japan.

The event was honoured by a team of medical experts from Avenue Cell Clinic, Japan to share knowledge about caring for joint pains and osteoarthritis using autologous cell therapy.  Participants were given the opportunity to ask questions and consult with doctors directly.  This prove that the restoration of knee and joint function is possible without surgery.