Oral and Dental Health Care for the Elderly



At BNH Hospital Dental Center, a team of dentists are committed to providing the possible oral health care from infants to the elderly. Especially, when getting older there is a stronger likelihood of getting oral cavity problems even though tooth brushing and flossing are frequently practiced, for example, problems from dentures, taking some kinds of medicine, and/or health problems which are frequently found in elderly people.


Problems of oral health commonly found in elderly persons and prevention

  1. Dental cavities occurring on the surface of the root are normally found as a person gets older, gums will gradually and naturally retract and will make unprotected parts of the teeth, especially some parts of the root, protrude more. These areas are likely to decay, be sensitive, and ache easily. Therefore, brushing teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride and thereafter flossing teeth including having regular dental check – ups are very important.
  1. Gingivitis is a serious problem that can be found in people of all ages but frequently found in people at 40 years old or above. During the initial stage of the disease, dentists can provide treatment so that the gums get back to their normal condition. It is therefore important to notice any gum irregularities as soon as possible. Having regular dental check-ups also detect any gum irregularities early on so that dental treatment can be promptly administered. However, correct oral hygiene and cleaning your teeth regularly are the best practices to prevent Gingivitis.
  1. Dentures are the creation of new teeth to replace tooth loss, which is more comfortable and suitable for the elderly. However, proper and adequate care is needed and strict adherence to the dentist’s instructions. Regular checkups with the dentist are also necessary because bone structure and tissues in the mouth continually change when chewing and eating.
  1. A dry mouth is also commonly found in elderly people. It is caused by oral medication or some kinds of illness. Mouth and throat dryness can harm the health of your teeth if being ignored and no proper treatment is given. Dentists have several methods to maintain oral moisture including appropriate treatment and prescription to prevent subsequent complications.
  1. Common health problems in the elderly such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer can also affect oral health. Therefore, it is important to tell your dentist about any health conditions you may have to ensure the best possible treatment.


Oral health problems occur due to many factors and at all ages. When found, it is advisable to consult a dentist for correct treatment before it is too late.


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