Beauty & Skin

Dermatology and Beauty Centre, BHN Hospital

…..Everybody desires everlasting youthful skin but who can escape the reality of aging? Now here at BNH, we can help you to turn back the tides of time with our new laser technology.




One system – Multiple applications

  • Photo Rejuvenation. Acne
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Hair Removal


All of us would like to maintain a youthful and fresh look well into our mature years, but living in a tropical country can make this difficult. Exposure to the sun’s rays reduces the shin’s ability to make collagen, the substance that prevents the skin from wrinkling and again. But now help is available from the BNH Dermatology and Beauty Centre.


Photo Rejuvenation with the help of the latest beauty technology – the Ellipse system – uses light from the safe ‘spectrum’ to give your face, neck, hand etc. a younger look. Photo Rejuvenation uses an intense flash of visible light that will remove age spots and spider veins, lessens redness and uneven pigmentation and reveres photo aging – the damage cause by exposure to the sun. It can also destroy unwanted hair.


As Photo Rejuvenation works under the skin it also re-invigorates collagen production so improving skin texture. After this simple and quick therapy you will notice some temporary redness that will disappear after a couple of hour. Some experience slightly longer lasting effects but these soon disappears, leaving your skin looking younger and brighter.


How does the Ellipse treatment reduce hair production?

….The Ellipse system delivery a guided pulse of intense light through a prism to the areas to be treated. For hair removal the light is absorbed by the hair pigment which is then converted into heat. This heat travels down the hair shaft to the root and destroy it. The root is then incapable of growing new hair.


How many Ellipse treatments do I need?

…..Hair grow in phases, sometimes actively growing, at other times ‘resting’, but only hair in the growing phase can be treated, so a number of treatment are needed to make sure that every growing hair is eliminated. But this is determined by the site, the hair thickness and density, ones ethnic origin and age and hormone status.


However, it is usual for treatment to last over three to six sessions with intervals between treatments of one to three months.