Testimonial Marzia’s unexpected interruption of her business trip

marzia 2Marzia Di Bella-Negi, 27 year old from Austria, suffered from lumbar disc herniation. Long hours of immobility, when in fro
nt of the computer or on regular long-haul flights, can cause strain on the spine. Lifting heavy objects from a bend position can add to the pressure and cause the disc to bulge and compress nerves in the spinal canal.

“I was traveling for work to Bangkok. When I took my suitcase from the belt, I experienced back pain and my right leg got numb. When I got to the Intercontinental Hotel, I asked to see a doctor. I didn’t know much about hospitals in Bangkok and trusted the hotel to make the arrangements. Once I saw the doctor, he ordered an Ambulance to come and pick me up.

After arriving at the ER, I was informed about the administrative processes. From there, I went straight to the MRI and on to my room. The room was well equipped and the nurses were very attentive. While waiting for the spine specialist, I ordered some food with help of the staff. Dr Arthit explained to me the problem in detail and was responsive to my emotional state. We decided to get my insurances approval before advancing with the surgery. Later on the same day I got their confirmation and we scheduled the surgery for the following day.

marzia 1The preparation, surgery and recovery were as good as it could get. The very same day after surgery I was able to stand up and look after myself. I stayed for another three nights. Before being discharged, I was informed about my follow up appointment a week after the surgery and was given my home medication with detailed instructions. I stayed in Bangkok and my condition improved progressively. The follow up examination confirmed my recovery and I was all good to return home. My insurance received all information to confirm all payments and they even reimbursed me for the business class ticket. I arrived well back home and I am very satisfied with the results. I have no pain and I am optimistic to recover completely very soon.

From the minute I arrived at the hospital I was impressed. I have to say, it was the best hospital experience I ever had.

Marzia Di Bella-Negi

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