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Mr. Charles, a 39 year-old American expatriate, living in Vietnam, says: “I used to be very active, exercising almost daily, eating the right foods, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Then, around mid October 2014, my back pain started.” Charles

“At first I tried to work through it myself. I researched my symptoms and figured I had a herniated disc. I looked for back strengthening exercises I could do ­ McKenzie exercises, Alexander Technique, you name it, I tried it for three months. Eventually, the pain was making it difficult to walk, bend down or do normal movements so I went to get an MRI. The MRI showed a 7mm disc protrusion between L4 and L5 vertebrae. I took the MRI to a Chiropractor and went to about ten sessions as well as dry needling sessions. Unfortunately these sessions with the chiropractor didn’t help. After more than a month of no results, I went to one of the better private hospitals in Vietnam. I met with the doctor who recommended a cortisone injection. I had the injection and it worked great, but only for about ten days. After the cortisone wore off, the pain came back and was even much worse. I had now come to the point where I couldn’t walk very well, sit down for more than five minutes or do my back strengthening exercises any longer. I couldn’t even digest food properly. It affected everything ­ my concentration, my work, my marriage, my whole life. The only thing I thought about was the pain.”

“Then, I called a friend who had had back pain a few years ago. It turned out he’d had the same problem in 2009. He tried everything to avoid surgery, but finally researched thoroughly and concluded that the Spine Centre of BNH Hospital is one of the best. He suggested that I don’t waste any more time, just go see the Spine Centre at BNH Hospital to hear their opinion. It would be the best thing for me.”

“So I phoned the Spine Centre, and they immediately scheduled an appointment for the next Tuesday. We flew in from Vietnam. By now, I could hardly walk and required assistance. When Dr Wicharn saw me, and looked at my MRI he said I should go ahead with the surgery, and reassured me I would be fine.”

“Of course I was nervous. I had never had surgery before. It was all new to me, but I can’t say enough good things about the hospital staff I met during this experience. The reality is there had been many people treated in that hospital room before me and there will be many in that room after me. But the BNH Staff made me feel like I was the only one there. Everything has been top end; everyone has been so nice.”

“I underwent microdiscectomy surgery performed through a key-hole incision, with only the extruding part of the disc removed. The 20-minute surgery took the pressure off immediately and allowed the nerve to heal.”


So I’ve had the surgery, and, now, just two days later, I am already going home. For the first time in five months I don’t have any pain in my leg, and no more tingling. I can walk properly. I feel so excited and so happy. It feels like I have my life back.

Mr. Charls

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