SAI @ BNH available now


Allergy Treatment Centre

BNH in association with Samitivej Allergy Institute (SAI), led by Emeritus Prof. Dr. Pakit Vichyanond, an internationally renowned expert in Allergy and Immunology, and the team of medical specialists, provides comprehensive medical services for various types of allergies, including nose, eyes, skin, and food allergies, as well as asthma. The services provide at SAI@BNH, Medicine unit, 4th floor, BNH Hospital


  • Skin allergy test
  • Allergy blood test/ ISAC
  • Lung function Test
  • Allergy treatment
  • Food Challenge


  • Allergy treatment by a team of medical experts
  • Care for patient who suffered from severe acute allergic reaction
  • Allergen vaccine
  • Oral Immunotherapy for treatment of food allergy
  • Wet wrap and or saline infusion. Will be forwarded to the treatment at Samitivej Thonburi Institute (SAI)