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What do I have to expect and what is the set-up?

For those who have already donated blood, the procedure may be familiar. But for those who are going for the first time or for those who are unsure if they should donate at all, the following should answer any questions or concerns. What happens at the Thai Red Cross blood donation centre? How long will it take? What do I have to consider?

We aim to make the entire process as clear as possible in order to make your decision easier and hopefully to welcome you as Physical Examination a CBR registered donor.

After you have registered by logging into our Register section you will be called in case of the demand increases. You will be asked if you are available to spare approximately one hour (plus travel time) to donate blood.

Once you arrive at the Thai Red Cross (see map) please contact the reception counter.There you will receive a Questionnaire.


A person who wants to give blood needs to be healthy oneself, to guarantee safety for themselves as a donor and for the receiver. Therefore firstly you have to fill in a questionnaire regarding your medical history. Please take your time reading it carefully and answering the questions as best you can. If you cannot answer a question definitely leave it blank and discuss it during the doctor’s consultation.

After filling out the Questionnaire please draw a number at the station (2, upper button).#
Please wait for your number and consult the physician for your basic examination.

Physical examination and consultation:

Your blood pressure and pulse will be checked before discussing your questionnaire. Taking all your results into consideration the doctor will decide whether you are suitable as a donor or not. If there is no hesitation by the doctor you are free to donate.Otherwise, your donation will be cordially declined. The doctor will explain why and when you could go back and try again. Under certain circumstances the doctor might suggest another consultation with your own General Physician. In any case, please let it not discourage you from future donations.


After seeing the doctor for the consultation your Hb has to be determined and your blood type checked. This is important to detect possible anaemia, not to endanger you during the blood donation. A small blood sample will be collected from your fingertip or ear.
Here you will receive a sachet with iron pills to help your body replace the lost iron. Please take them once per day after donating your blood.

If you are considered eligible and are willing to donate blood, please contact the registration counter next to the physical examination (marked #3). Hand your Questionnaire and ID or passport to the staff. You will receive it back including a barcode for your blood samples and blood bag.
Please take the escalator to the upper floor (#4) and draw another number. Wait for your turn to enter the blood donation room. You will be allocated a couch and the nurse will start the procedure.

Blood withdrawal

During your donation approximately 500 ml blood will be taken. For this procedure exclusively sterile needles and bags are used to collect blood. All materials are medical disposables, used only once, which makes spread of infection to the donor impossible.
Blood samples and blood bags are labeled with the allocated barcode to assure no mix-ups.
After approximately 10 min the blood withdrawal should be complete, nevertheless you should rest for another 10 min, where experienced nurses will look after you the whole time.
Opposite the donation room you find the canteen where you will receive a small snack and juice. Take your time and rest.

Last but not least

If it is your first time donating blood, you receive a blood donor card. Please carry this card with you. It contains information about your blood type and can be life saving.