Exercise Set 2

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  • Curl ; Don’t swing your back try keeping your abs tight , don’t lift the shoulder keep them down and relax by concentrating on your biceps and don’t bend your wrist try keeping in line with forearm
  • Squat plus curl ; When you are performing the descent be sure not to exceed your toes with your knees
  • Squat with dumbbell shoulder press ; (during squat don’t bend your neck try bringing your chin back)
  • Wide Rows ; Don’t curve your back during exercise keep abs and glutes constantly tight
  • Squat plus front raises
  • Low plank ; if you can’t do it try resting the knee on your ground (be sure not to lift your bottom , back and glutes should remain constantly in alignment to be able to make sure the abs are well contracted during exercise)

Follow up

Rehabilitation Patient Followup