Dermatology and Beauty Centre, BNH Hospital

…..Most women are very concerned about excess fat, cellulite, and stretch marks, especially when areas such as the upper arm, thigh, abdomen, waist, or hip begin to sag and lose its beauty. It will also not be smooth and take on an orange-peel texture. This can cause loss of confidence in the women’s dressing. There are several factors that cause fat accumulation such as changes in estrogen levels, an unbalanced diet, pregnancy, lack of exercise, and smoking

The Beauty and Skin Centre of BNH Hospital introduces an innovative method for a slim and firm body, and smooth skin.

….The INDIBA Method administers radio frequency current of 0.5 MHz into the skin to change the energy from of the body for a slim and firm appearance, fresher and smoother skin, and to stimulate the creation of collagen and the removal of waste from the body. Two types of electrodes are used in the treatment :

  • Capacitive Electrode (CET) increases the circulation of blood and lymph. It also helps fat burning for fresh and radiant skin
  • Resistive Electrode (RET) stimulates the lymph nodes in a specific area. It burns the fat at the deep level for smooth, firm and soft skin, a slim body, and reduction in wrinkles and loose facial skin. It helps improving the facial shape.

Carboxy Therapy is an innovation in breaking down fat and eliminating cellulite by bringing carbon dioxide (CO2) below the surface of the skin. Carbon dioxide infuses among the fibers that cliny between fatty cells and breaks them down gradually. This continuously affects metabolism and helps bring about the breakdown of fat (Lipolysis). Fat under the skin is transformed into energy. The excess fat is removed from the body through the lymph nodes and excretory system.

To prevent accumulation of excess fat and cellulite, you should consider healthy diet, regular exercise, enough rest, drinking 2 liters (8 glasses) of clean water a day, and avoid factors which cause accumulation of excess fat. This will lend to a firm and body, as well smooth and soft skin.


Techniques to increase effectiveness of treatment :

–  Within the first 24 hours after treatment, you should drink at least 3-4 liters of clean water to remove accumulated wastes in the body. It helps increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

–  For firm skin and slimmer shape as well as prevention of loose, rough and bumpy skin, you should receive both method of treatment. How slim the resulting shape depend on skin condition, fat layer, and age of the person receiving treatment.