4 Comprehensive and advanced diagnosis
Check-up programs for that special person

The latest advanced diagnostic technology used for early detection for your healthy future.

  • Superior
    A health check-up package for women under the age of 40 focuses on body system screening and other early prevention examinations; for example, Hepatitis, Cervical Cancer Screening, tumour in digestive system, and inflammatory markers. see package detail

  • Premium 40+
    A Premium 40+ health check-up package offers a comprehensive examination especially for women over 40 focused on cancer screening. see package detail

  • CT Prestige 50+
    A health check-up package designed for women aged 50 and over with an active lifestyle of smoker concerned about their lungs. The package offers lung cancer screening using a low dose CT scan and a comprehensive health check. see package detail

  • Advance Infinite
    A check-up for your genes, the Advance infinite package focuses on 50-gene testing for hereditary genetic cancer suitable for women over the age of 40 with family history of cancer see package detail

Women Cancer Screening Packages

* Free purgative medicine value 1,000 THB for advance payment only.
Please make an appointment at the Digestive Care Centre, advice on pre-operation preparation will be given.

Genetic Testing **

* Exclude doctor fee, hospital and nursing service fee.
**Women Hereditary Cancer; for example, Ovarian Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Colon Cancer.

Lung Cancer Screening

* Exclude hospital and nursing service fee.

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