Neurosurgery for Brain Tumor

“It was very scary especially in my case.  I had a tumor the size of a potato growing in my brain.  There were very light symptoms. But I think I was mentally prepared. You have to fight it.  You have to do something about it. And you have to hope for the best.”

“A few hours after the operation, someone woke me up and asked me to talk,

I could talk. They asked me to move my arms, I could move my arms, I could move my legs.

To be honest, I don’t feel any pain from the operation.
I was thankful because as Dr. Kraisri said I’m back to normal.”

“Dr. Kraisri was confident, and he found out that the diagnosis was actually different from what they told us. It made myself and my family very relieve to see how confident he was, which was very encouraging.”

Reference Centre

Surgery & Orthopaedic Surgery

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Reference Doctor

Kraisri Chantra, M.D.

Department: Surgery & Orthopaedic Surgery
Specialty: Neurosurgery
Language: Thai, English