Intensive Care Unit-ICU

BNH Hospital Flr 3.


A BNH team of physicians specializing in advanced critical care is on standby 24 hours to treat patients requiring emergency treatment. We administer first aid promptly for patients requiring immediate care and for more critical cases our team of specialists are ready to respond delivering excellence combined with reliability warmth and understanding.

We believe that support from relatives is able to make a positive contribution to a patient’s morale at a particularly crucial and stressful time. Our private rooms in ICU therefore, are designed in such a way as to reflect the importance BNH places on the patient being surrounded by immediate family and friends.

Team and medical equipment:

  • A team of 18 experienced professionally trained physicians and registered nurses for intensive care patients and emergency incidents
  • Modern ready to use rescue kits – Special monitoring room for patients with epilepsy and  a separate room for certain respiratory contagious diseases e.g. Tuberculosis, Avian Flu, etc.


  • Service for critically ill patients requiring intensive care consists of a multidisciplinary team including Obstetrics – Gynecology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics to ensure patient safety and to prevent any further complications
  • Intensive care for severe cases and patients who require the use of a respirator
  • 24-hour ambulance call out service for patients with advanced medical equipment and medical team

Operation Hours

Available 24 Hours
*( Maximum Capacity is 13 Beds)


Chat (LINE) : LINE Service 8:00 - 19.00
E-Mail : info@bnh.co.th

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  • Niwan Klinngam, M.D.

    Intensive Care Unit-ICU
    Internal Medicine



    Intensive Care Unit-ICU
    Internal Medicine