Emergency Response

Emergency is a stressful topic, especially in Bangkok where most foreigners worry about the traffic and the language barrier.

But our international emergency team is fully prepared for any situation, including traffic jam. If the traffic is too bad, we will send the doctor and nurse by motorbike to stabilize the patient before the ambulance arrives. Our ambulance leaves the hospital in 2 minutes after the emergency call and we strive to reach to any location within 5km in no more than 10 min flat.

First Aid and CPR

Despite all this, providing First Aid on the spot is also very important and everybody should learn how to do it.

The first step is to secure the scene and call for help: Dial BNH Emergency number: 02 632-1000. If you are far away from BNH or outside of Bangkok, call the national emergency number 1669 and the nearest hospital will be contacted. Until the ambulance arrives, our ER team will be giving instructions to the caller.

Download the First aid and CPR for infants and child instruction sheet here.

If you are interested in our regular First Aid trainings, please fill in the form and we will contact you about the next scheduled classes.

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First aid trainings are organised regularly, we will inform you by email about the next schedules.