Dry eyes




…..Office workers who have to work with computers all day long often suffer from dry eyes if the health of their eyes is being neglected. March Health Tips: we will talk about dry eyes from using computers


….In general, tears will act as a layer of film to coat our eyes all the time. Under normal conditions, the body will produce tears in case some of it is evaporated. Blinking will also help preserve moisture in the eyes. However, there are many conditions that cause dry eyes such as pollution for example dust, use of contact lenses, aging, eye operations such as LASIK, also some medications can also cause dry eyes, including prolonged exposure to cold and dry air such as in an air-conditioned room and long-periods of time on the computer. Unfortunately, the last two conditions are unavoidable for most office workers.


The symptoms of dry eyes are burning pain, irritation, eye strain, impaired vision followed by inflammatory infection. Therefore, if you have any of these symptoms, it is advised that you avoid a polluted environment. Artificial tears can be used to relieve irritation. If you have to use your eyes a lot, give them a regular break; frequent blinking can also help. For people who have to use their computers regularly, you should let your eyes rest every 30 minutes to minimize fatigue and the working area should be well lit. People over 40 years old should have an eye check up once a year. If the symptoms persist, it is advisable to visit an ophthalmologist.


These easy tips that can be practiced every day should help prevent dry eyes. However, you should not ignore any signs that occur with your eyes such as excessive tears from eye irritation, pain around the eyes, conjunctivitis. You should consult an ophthalmologist for good care of your beautiful eyes.


Dr. Wansa Roongpuvapaht

Eye Department, BNH Hospital


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