Dr. Wicharn Yingsakmongkol becomes 1st surgeon to use Mazor Robotics’ PROIat: 3 takeaways Featured

Wicharn Yingsakmongkol, MD, became to first surgeon to use Mazor Robotics’ PROIat in Bangkok, Thailand.

Here are three takeaways:

  1. PROIat is a single position solution for placing pedicle screws and other spinal hardware in the lateral decubitus position with the Renaissance Guidance System.
  2. Dr. Yingsakmongkol was able to save 30 to 40 minutes with system because he did not need to flip the patient. He noted the system allows for patients to experience less time under anesthesia and less cost for the hospital.
  3. Mazor Robotics is currently fulfilling orders for the PROIat application in Spain and Australia and expects to continue marketing throughout many international markets.