BNH 118th, The Library of Good Health


118th Anniversary

BNH Hospital recently celebrated its 118th anniversary on February 16th, 2016 with honourable executives. BNH is continuously striving to provide better healthcare services by introducing the “BNH Library of Good Health” which is a virtual library where you can access a wealth of knowledge regarding health using just the “hashtag” (#BNHLibrary) for example : BNHWellness, #BNHCardio, #BNHWHC, #BNHBeauty.

As people are the key to development, the hospital has established its first ICU simulation room for virtual medical care training which offers both doctors and nurses the best way to practice caring for patients in different scenarios.

Furthemore, the celebration ceremony was held to reward the employees who were able to successfully complete the “BNH Talent” and “BNH Service Ambassador” projects. These young up and coming teams will definitely be valuable assets for the hospital in the future, and will help BNH to become the top tier holistic healthcare provider in the region.