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BNH医院 泰国BNH医院 泰国试管婴儿 โรงพยาบาลในกรุงเทพ Hospital in Bangkok


Based on the needs of expatriates seeking quality medical treatment; a small nursing home was founded in 1898 under the royal patronage of King Rama 5th and supported wholeheartedly by King Rama 6th ; quickly earning trust and respect from the expat communities. Since then more than 100 years have gone by, and these days BNH Hospital is now internationally recognized as being the first international private hospital in the kingdom of Siam for 5 reigns.

Despite the passage of time, BNH Hospital has retained its identity. That extra special touch has been handed down from generation to generation, as well as medical expertise especially in maternity care, pediatrics, and gynecology. BNH proudly stands as the leader in women’s health care from prevention to treatment however simple or complex. To this end BNH provides a safe, feel good experience of healing.

Excellence Centre

Women’s Health Centre

The centre focuses on cancer prevention and detection at its earliest stage. This is to achieve a complete cure at the time of tumor initiation so as to prevent disease spread and its domino consequences.

BNH Breast Health Centre

provides the best possible advice regarding any breast problems such as breast cancer, tumors, excessive membrane, or breast cysts.

BNH Gynecology Centre

This combination of medical expertise with facilities and equipment of international standard has meant that BNH Hospital’s Gynecology Centre has a highly-regarded reputation amongst both local and international patients.

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